Mensch Made continuously seeks collaboration with talented and interesting designers. The basic collection is designed by Mensch Made founder Doreen Westphal. Underneath you find the latest press release. For High Res images please send an email to

September 2012     
Hold On!
Concrete has no more secrets for Doreen Westphal. She can do anything with it – she can pour it, but she can also roll it, colour it, add relief and structure to it and – a sublime discovery – combine it with magnets. This results in truly innovative products with a magical touch. Hold on!

Doreen: ‘Concrete is an incredibly strong and rewarding material to work with, especially the innovative roll-out concrete that you can roll out thin, like a kind of pizza dough. Then I can add embossed patterns to it or stencil floral textile structures into it. I’ve also experimented with pigments to create a broader palette than just concrete grey. And the combination of concrete with magnets is a concept you can vary endlessly‘.

Hold On
Forget Uri Geller – Doreen Westphal is going to steal the show with this delightful egg cup. The shape was inspired by an egg cut in half, but the trick is in the combination of concrete concealing a strong magnet which makes the spoon ‘stick’ on top of it. For a magical beginning to your day!
For the Hold On series, Doreen also collaborated with Jean Pierre Melville to design a Pencil Case and the Empty Pocket. Doreen: ‘The pencil case has magnets, so that paper clips and drawing pins stick to it. The Empty Pocket is a handy container you can put everything you've got in your pockets into, from keys and loose change to your smart phone – propped up between three 5-cent coins. Thanks to a slot in the container, all those little things can also be taken out of it again in one movement’. 
Concrete table lamp
After the successful launch of the ‘suspended tube lamp’ in Milan, there is now also a table lamp. The principle is the same: the base consists of poured concrete in which very strong magnets are embedded. Because of that, the hollow tube lamp can be fixed at any height you like – straight or angled, higher or lower. The tube is available in white, with an orange cable. Specially for this autumn, Doreen has now also developed a warmer version; the tube is finished by hand with copper foil and combined with a black cable. Both the floor lamp and the table lamp have concrete light switches.
Clocks are very much in fashion. Doreen has designed a big square clock made out of concrete, with copper hands. With its subtle, organic structure, this clock would be a vivid eye-catcher on any wall, whether at home or at the office. Doreen makes every clock by hand, so that each one is unique. Decorative and robust at the same time, the clock is 50 x 50 cm.

The seat of this stool, consisting of two pieces of roll-out concrete ‘fabric’, can bear a load of about 80 kg, so that it is suitable for children and most adults. Doreen: ‘Roll-out concrete can be rolled out just like pizza dough and worked in great detail. The ‘fabric’ at the bottom is made of white cement with a floral pattern; the top one is grey, with the rough look and also the feel of concrete’. The stool has a simple but stable oak frame. It can also serve as a side table.
Square and rectangular shapes, triangles and circles and a bridge; inspired by her son’s toy blocks, Doreen designed a jewellery series, with necklaces, earrings and brooches. The necklaces come in both concrete and walnut, with pastel-coloured and matte black plastic beads respectively.     
About Doreen Westphal Studio
Doreen Westphal (Koethen, 1970) is challenged by material experimentation, driven by socio-political engagement and has a passion for design and manufacture. She sees the designer as the conductor of a product’s entire production process. In collaboration with leading international material developers and skilled craftspeople, Westphal creates timeless objects, which are fair, innovative and future-ready.
Westphal is currently based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.